God did a "GOD Thing"

I knew God would work in an amazing way, and yet my mind is still blown by how He worked.  This was my first mission trip and it blessed me so much.  Recently, my house went on fire on Easter Sunday morning and I lost absolutely everything.  I was left with what I had in my purse since I wasn't home.  Part of me considered not doing the trip anymore but I still felt the pull to go.

Ever since the fire, I have had something happen to me, every single week.  I have been so low emotionally trying to stay calm.  I kept praying for strength because I knew the enemy was attacking me & didn't want me to go on the trip but I wasn't sure why.  I get here, we're on our second day at the Prayer Station in Jamaica, Queens and God did a GOD THING like I've never seen before.  

A guy walked past us toward the subway stairs and 60 seconds later walked right back and asked my prayer partner and me a question about prayer.  We answered his question.   He explained his life and expressed his anger with God and how he's lost everything (including his million-dollar house). He doesn't drink and he doesn't smoke. There was no way that God would do all this crazy stuff to people who are obeying Him or following his rules or trying to live right. He said we wouldn't understand.

I said, 'you have no idea how much I understand.' I began to tell him about my recent fire and life story and his whole demeanor changed. 

He was teary-eyed.   "By the way, I was going to jump on the tracks today and end my life. I felt the need to ask you both one question beforehand and now I have decided not to do it."  

I was speechless.  God brought me here and took me through my recent journey to save someone's life in a way I didn't imagine.  I am far from angry about my story because now I see why God needed to use me.  I pray God touches Abraham's heart for the rest of His life!


Another encounter from one of the individuals who came this summer...

Jeff shared about one man who came up to them in the subway. This man told Jeff about a story when he was a taxicab driver in Brooklyn and someone pointed a gun to his head and another one to his chest. He was a full-fledged Muslim and he was going to call out to Allah but called out to Jesus instead in that moment. And he is still here today and is now a Christian. 

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