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Prayer Station



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The perfect way to grab attention at an event, park or other gathering and bring people in for ministry!

  • High Visibility
  • Protects from the sun, rain and other inclement weather
  • Comes standard with wheeled bag
  • Very easy to see from all directions.
  • Perfect for ministry on the street, events, parks, etc. 

When you get a Prayer Station Tent, you also get access to the "gloo" texting service! Instead of asking for people to fill out contact cards and not being able to read them later on, instead you can have your own QR Code that people scan with their cell phone, and it immediately sends their cell number into your own personal gloo account. Gloo will then automatically text them back, asking for their name and email. You then have them in your own system so you can reply back to them, send out broadcast messages, and more! ALL FOR FREE! This free service can also be used in your church and you can setup as many keywords as you want for different ministries.

There is a real prayer movement happening right now, and we would love for you to be a part of it! Get your Prayer Station today and get started changing lives in your community!

When you order the Prayer Station Tent, you will receive the full tent, and all included supplies:

  • 10 Deluxe Prayer Station Lanyards
  • NEW gloo texting and follow up services... FREE!
  • Training Manual
  • Audio Training from Nick Savoca
  • INCLUDED FREE! Nick Savoca's new book, "FIVE LITTLE WORDS"


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